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You can't buy excitement. You can only make it happen. With our AMG Special Events, you can be sure that the sparks will fly. We offer you tailor-made events filled with fascination revolving around the automobile - guaranteed to create memories you won’t ever forget.

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Adrenaline, happiness, your pulse racing, and relaxed enjoyment

It's all available in the AMG Driving Academy tailor-made events - from the AMG Racing Taxi, to racetrack training and guided excursions, to gourmet delights and sightseeing.

We will make the necessary arrangements and take care of you from start to finish. Any requirement from you is achievable!! We have a vast experience with customizing events and our past successes will help make your unique and unforgettable moments come true.

An example of our range of special event components

Our expert driving professionals will provide you with driving skills and techniques to deal with the unexpected, allowing you to test vehicle limits and explore your own driving abilities. Together with our top-class conferencing facilities, and in-house buffet catering, we can cater for your special events. Components include:

Hijack prevention, skidpan, race track, 4x4, one on one dynamic pro drive coaching, driving data and video recording, chauffeur drives with a motorsport professional, exclusive evening driving events, product launches, team building, all catering requirements for all types of functions, shuttle services, test drives in our current range of AMG’s.

Whatever special event you have in mind we can possibly do better for you!

Fact And Figures

  • Individual design of incentives using the AMG Driving Academy event modules
  • Making your own ideas and suggestions become a reality

Contact us now to start work on an exclusive event for you to treat your customers, business partners, friends or colleagues. This is the most unique form of entertainment available and can be done with us at AMG Driving Academy.

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